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The BBC’s My Web My Way pages give some useful advice on how to make using your computer easier if you have difficulty seeing. It’s possible to change text and background colours or change fonts to make the text easier to read, magnify the screen, increase text size, or have your computer read the text aloud.

Making the page larger

You can increase (or reduce) the size of the whole page using the S M L XL buttons at the top right of each page.

You can also enlarge the text size by changing your web browser’s settings, either temporarily, or for every time you use your browser. The exact details of how to do this vary according to your operating system and which web browser you are using. Here are links to instructions for enlarging text in some of the most popular ones:

Other changes you can make

You can also change the styles and colours of web pages by changing your browser’s settings. The BBC’s My Web My Way pages show you how to do this, and make the most of your computer and browser’s accessibility features.

You may also find the factsheets and skillsheets produced by AbilityNet useful. AbilityNet also has an Advice and Information team which you can contact for more support.