SCOVI member organisations become part of a network providing peer support and information exchange.

Members can influence the direction of the SCOVI by attending Members’ Forum meetings and joining standing committees.

Who can join?

Full membership is open to voluntary, public and professional organisations who represent and provide services to blind and partially-sighted people, including:

  • Organisations of, and for, the blind and partially-sighted.
  • Local authorities.
  • Health boards.
  • Other disability-related organisations.
  • Age-related organisations.

Full members have a right to vote and appoint the trustees of the Council.

Associate or Life membership is open to individuals or bodies who support the objects of the Council and who may be appointed for the purpose of widening the sphere of the Council’s work or in recognition of exceptional achievement in the past.

Associate or Life members do not have a right to vote.


Membership fees depend on the size of the organisation and population it represents. Please contact the Secretary to find out what your organisation’s membership fee would be.

How to apply

Application for membership should be made to the Secretary.