The SCOVI Resource Bank

We are working on developing a full resource bank, with an easy navigation system designed to help you find exactly what you're looking for. In the meantime, we've compiled some frequently requested resources below. If you can't find what you're looking for please email

Certificate of Vision Impairment Scotland


The new Certificate of Vision Impairment registration process came into effect in 2018. Here you'll find relevant downloads.

Certificate of Vision Impairment Scotland - Explanatory Notes  Download Now

Certificate of Vision Impairment Scotland - Form  Download Now

Information for Parents/Carers of Children with Vision Impairments

VINCYP is NHS Scotland's Visual Impairment Network for Children & Young People, a National Managed Clinical Network. The VINCYP website, available at has a variety of resources and useful links.

Creating Accessible Documents, Information, Websites and Materials

The SCOVI Design for Inclusion Toolkit

Our Toolkit contains information on how to ensure that you are designing for inclusion. It includes information on using social media in an accessible way, accessible websites, accessible email marketing campaigns and accessible documents.

Visit the Toolkit by clicking here

This Toolkit is not exhaustive, and is constantly growing, you may also find the following resources useful.

Guide to Accessible Information

This handy document contains advice on making information accessible for people who are blind/partially sighted or deaf.

Produced by the The Self-Directed Support Joint Sensory Project: Deaf Action in partnership with Fife Society for the Blind.

Accessible Presentations

If you're delivering a presentation it's important to ensure that it is fully accessible to those with vision impairments. These two handy resources give guidelines on how to ensure your presentation is fully accessible.

Delivering presentations live:

This guide by World Blind Union provides some fantastic guidelines for live presenting.

Download WBU Guide here

Sending Powerpoints electronically:

This guide by Microsoft will help you ensure that your electronic versions of presentations are fully accessible, it covers elements such as how to add alt text and orderly structures.

Download Microsoft Guide Here