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Here you will find both reports by SCOVI and reports of interest to SCOVI members from elsewhere. We have broken these down into several categories to make it easier to navigate.

SCOVI Reports and Consultation Responses

Consultation Responses

You can read through some of SCOVI's past consultation responses here.


Scottish Government Consultation on Electoral Reform

Introduction from the consultation paper:

The Scottish Government is committed to increasing participation in elections both in terms of voter turnout and encouraging citizens to stand for election. Democratic participation challenges the inequalities of power and influence that exist in society. We need an electoral system that supports and empowers the engagement of the Scottish people in their own elections. Many organisations, including the Electoral Commission, the Electoral Management Board, political parties and local authorities have important roles to play in realising this aim of full engagement. The Scottish Government and Parliament have a specific role to play to ensure that electoral law supports increased participation and removes barriers to voter empowerment.

Under the Scotland Act 2016 the Scottish Parliament and Government have new powers and responsibilities relating to elections to the Scottish Parliament. These complement their existing responsibilities for local government elections. Control over both sets of elections opens up new possibilities for democratic renewal and putting the voter first.

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Read the SCOVI response in a Word document here

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Scottish Government Consultation on the future use of resources devolved following the UK Government’s decision to close the Independent Living Fund

A consultation asking for people's views and opinions in respect of the announcement of the closure of the Independent Living Fund from April 2015 and the announcement that money will be distributed to the devolved institutions. The document poses questions to gauge what and how the resource devolved to the Scottish Government should be used to support disabled people.

Read the SCOVI response here

Consultation on Proposed Disabled Persons' Parking Badges (Scotland) Bill

Proposal for a Bill to strengthen the Blue Badge Scheme enforcement powers, including powers to cancel and confiscate badges in certain circumstances, and to provide an appeals process for applicants when their Blue Badge application is refused on eligibility grounds.

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Reports by SCOVI Members

Social Connections and Sight Loss: Research by Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded into links between vision impairment and loneliness.

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Government and Public Body Reports

Health and social care integration: update on progress, Audit Scotland, November 2018

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Review of Progress with Integration of Health and Social Care Final Report, Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care, February 2019

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Other and Miscellaneous